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All Registered Trade Marks and Copyrighted information used within all Parts Lunacy Pty. Ltd. publications, internet pages, instructions or web sites are used solely for the purpose of Product Identification and remain the property of their respective owners. We do not have any affiliation with ANY car manufacturer or parts supply company nor do we make claim to be involved with the same in any way.

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Legal Warnings

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all local Laws are being observed when using any  Parts Lunacy Pty. Ltd. parts. It is against most International and Australian State and Territory Laws to Modify an Odometer readout or some other components on vehicles. You have been warned! Any attempt on the part of the purchaser or the identity using our parts to modify any supplied part or any Odometer readout will void all and any warrantees.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the correct item is purchased and is in good and correct operation after fitting the item. The customer indemnifies Parts Lunacy Pty. Ltd., its owners, its share holders, its employees and/or its representatives from ANY legal action no matter how obtained.

We do not cover incidentals or consequential damages of ANY kind. This includes but is not limited to Import Duties, local taxes (other than Australian G.S.T.), special postal charges, Labour, loss of profit or income, fines or infringements, damage to other parts, damage to any vehicle, personal injury or death to either themselves or any other person or legal identity. Australian Customers have certain rights under Australian Consumer Laws that cannot be limited.

Unless otherwise stated, all items are non-genuine,  aftermarket replacement items, however, we reserve the right to substitute any item with genuine items if required to complete an order without notification or credit.

Please read our Terms and Conditions Page for full details.

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