Terms and Conditions

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We recommend using LITHIUM based grease on all of our plastic items for lubrication.


A1. All items covered by warranty are the responsibility of the items respective supplier and their final word on cover is final.

A2. We reserve the right to act on behalf of our suppliers.

A3. Items specially modified for customers or cut to length including per metre items are not covered by any form of warranty or refund. All items must be fitted by a qualified and/or competent person and must be lubricated using a suitable lubricant where required.

A4. Any of the following, but not limited to the following, will null and void all warranty.   These  include  customer  or  postal/courier  caused  damage, modification, miss-use, defective installation, incorrect or lack of maintenance, non-authorised repair, neglect, excessive use, alterations, incorrect application or intentional destruction to the product.

A5. No cover for incidentals, no matter how obtained, are given or implied. This includes postal or courier services to return faulty items.

A6. Australian Consumers are protected by Australian Consumer Laws and can not be limited. These statutory laws take preference over any other warranties.

A7. All warranties MUST come accompanied by original invoice.

A8. In the event an item is faulty your item will be either repaired or replaced as per suppliers' standard practice. In the event that your item cannot be repaired or replaced we may either give a store credit on your full purchase amount or a refund to the value of the faulty item only. If postage and handling was included in the original price of the item this amount will be deducted from refund even if originally provided as "Free Postage".

A9. All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). This number can be obtained by contacting us via email found on your invoice. We will not file for a warranty claim if there is no RAN obtained prior to sending item back.  

A10. We accept "change of Mind" returns within 30 days under the above and below terms and conditions, however, all "change of Mind" items MUST be returned with full postage or freight charges paid for by the customer. We will not accept any item if charges are payable of any kind.

A11. No warranty is give or implied on any item classified as "Second Hand". Unless otherwise stated in actual listing.

A12. The act of bidding and/or buying any item we advertise for sale or auction implies that the bidder/buyer has read, understands and accepts all of our Terms and Conditions in full.

A13. Any items described "AS IS, Where IS" or any description similar are sold with all and any faults whether described or not and must be picked up at the allocated location and with in the allocated time frame. NO returns will be accepted on these items.


B1. All sales are final and binding.

B2. Payment is to be made and cleared within 7 days, unless contact has been made (see B3.) otherwise a non-paying default will be listed against purchaser.

B3. Contact to be made within 3 days if payment is likely to be held up due to postage or other matters. This includes the inability to fulfil your obligations. We are happy to try and help if we are informed and as such will allow some movement in transaction times if required of up to 14 days if informed first.

B4. All Items are sold and classified as one of the following.

  1. a. "In Hand"          = In Primary Warehouse at time of listing.
  2. b. "Stock"              = In Secondary Warehouse at time of listing.
  3. c. "Order"              = To be ordered via supplier once item is sold.
  4. d. "Second-Hand" = Usually "In Hand" as a used or second hand item.

B4a. If the item is "In Hand" this means that the item is available ONLY to Online purchasers and as such can be delivered at our first mailing opportunity once payment has been received.

B4b. If the item is "Stock" this means that the item is available to Online purchasers and also via other means. This could result in the item not being available on short notice to Online purchasers if it is already sold via other means. See our notice on "Stock Honour System". In most cases it should be a matter of only three (3) days to procure and be mailed to you. All items are placed online in good faith and we will do all in our power to get your item to you as soon as is possible. In any case, if there is likely to be any hold up we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within two (2) days.

B4c. If the item is "Order" this means that the item is purchased from a wholesaler once your order is taken and as such delays may be possible. We have no control over these delays, however we do stand by our "Stock Honour System". These items are placed online in good faith that they are available at time of listing but due to the nature of the wholesalers business we are unable to check stocks. We do deal with a number of general wholesalers so we are able to locate most items within good time. We do however keep you informed and if for any reason outside of ten (10) days you are not happy with the progress of your order we will refund your full amount as per our "Stock Honour System" and cancel your order without delay.

B4d. If the item is "Second Hand" this means that the item is available ONLY to online purchasers and as such can be delivered at our first mailing opportunity once payment has been received. Due to the nature of the item being second hand or used the item may show signs of wear and tear. Any obvious damage will be stated in the listing. No warranty is given or implied on these items unless otherwise stated in the listing.

B5. Any items not listed as "In Hand" are for sale also by other means and as such may be sold prior to auction/listing ending. We will not intentionally sell an item as "Stock" if it is not available at time of initial listing. We also reserve the right to end ANY listing if it comes to our attention that an item will not be available for sale for whatever reason. If for some reason you have won/bought an item that becomes unavailable we will stand by our "Stock Honour System".

B6. No incidentals of any kind will be paid for due to an item not being available.

B7. Due to ease, safety and simplicity our prefered method of Payment is Paypal, Direct Deposit, Visa or Mastercard unless by prior arrangement. Please contact us if you need to pay by other means, please understand that items may not be ordered until payment clears in full.  We ONLY accept Paypal from international orders outside of Australia and its Territories. We do not charge for transacting any form of payment, however if payment is made via an obscure means, we will be unavailable to deal with your order and it may be put on hold and another form of payment may be requested at your cost.

B8. Under No circumstances will an order be dispatched prior to full payment being cleared. In the case of "Order" items, over the total value of $50.00 AU, we will require full payment to be cleared prior to item being ordered in. Please remember this if paying for your item with an e-cheque via paypal (up to 7 days).

B9. We send most items out on a next available business day once procured. As such any orders via "Stock" or "Order" not paid for, and cleared, prior to 5pm following their sale may be postponed an additional business day.

B10. We reserve the right to seek compensation for our out of pocket expenses in relation to non-paying purchasers.

B11. Cleared funds are those that are available for use by us and are showing on our bank or Paypal statement as being fully cleared. This includes Postal orders and cheques if prior approval is given. We do not allow Escrow under any conditions.

B12. Any Negative Feedback or questionable behaviour or comment towards our company, regardless of method, ill be looked on as a finalisation of our interaction with the initiator and as such no further correspondence will be forthcoming or given and any warrantee given above and beyond legistlated requirements will become void and we reserve the right to not deal with anyone associated with the persons or company.

B13. The act of bidding and/or buying any item we advertise for sale or auction implies that the bidder/buyer has read, understands and accepts all of our Terms and Conditions including those of postage and dispatch, as well as our "Stock Honour System".

B14. All pictures form part of the description unless the item description states that the picture is for "illustration Only" or similar statement.

B15. All pictures, descriptions, web sites, product names, product numbers and any other form of copyrighted, trade marked or registered items are used solely for descriptive purposes and as such remain the property of their respective owners.

B16. We are not endorsed nor do we pretend to be aligned with any supplier, brand or any other form of entity.

B17. All pictures and written terms here and in our listing owned by Parts Lunacy Pty Ltd are © copyright of Parts Lunacy 2008-2015 other than those described in part B15. No copying is permitted without our written permission.

B18. If, for any reason, any other legal entity sees fit to void or remove any listed term or item we may cease activities without cause or notice in relation to said term or item in part or as a whole.

B19. We reserve the right to modify/end any information and/or listing at any time.

B20. All item descriptions are displayed in good faith and we will not be held accountable for items that have been "updated" by the supplier or are incomplete or inaccurate.

B21. All items returned for warantee or any other reason must be accompanied by an original sales reciept and a RAN. Please contact us at prior to returning item.

B22. All of our items INCLUDE GST for Australian Customers unless otherwise stated.

B23. This page, in its full, forms part of ALL sales and auctions we submit on online and as such MUST be fully read and understood prior to bidding or Buying our items. NO EXCEPTIONS. By purchasing one of our items you acknowledge your acceptance to these terms in full.


C1. Most items are sent out next business day after procurement. We are unable to make exceptions due to delivery times from suppliers and collection times with our couriers and Australia Post.

C2. General delivery times will vary dependant on location of purchaser but most deliveries are done with in four (4) working days via Australia Post within Australia. Thus you should get your item no later than the week following despatch within most places in Australia.  We may follow up after seven (7) days if notified of a delay in delivery with an email to the purchaser and as such, if we recieve no reply within three (3) days following our follow up, then the purchaser recognises our rights to assume delivery has been made in full and in good condition.

C3. All postage costs, except items labelled "Free P&H" but including returns, is to be born by the purchaser. This includes any "Free P&H" items returned for what ever reason.

C4. If a customer opts for "overnight" delivery all costs will be born by the purchaser even if item is sold as "Free P&H" unless stated in the listing, item will still be despatched next business day regardless.

C5. We reserve the right to send any item over $50.00 AU via delivery confirmation. As such, a signature confirming delivery will be required.

C6. If we pay for an item under warranty to be posted back, and no representation to this effect is intended or implied, we will do so via any means we see fit providing item is delivered in a timely manner.

C7. Although we do use Australia Post to deliver the majority of our items, we reserve the right to use any means we see fit, such as a general courier service.

C8. Australia Post has a service called "Extra Cover", we highly recommend it for all items as we will not and shall not be held responsible for any lost, damaged or misdirected items once they are passed onto the Australian Postal service or posted in an approved Australia Post postal box. We charge only what we are charged for Extra Cover and if there is a major difference you will be offered a store credit. All items sold come with the option of purchasing this service, some may be listed as included (items over $250.00 AU). ALL international items over $100.00 AU will require "Extra Cover", no exceptions. Please look for Extra Cover as a sale item.

C9. We are a 100% Internet based Company, as such we do NOT have a physical address for pick-ups, thus NO pick-ups are available.

C10. No item will be sent unless funds have cleared. There is NO exception to this rule. We do not offer accounts of any type.

C11. If for ANY reason, under our control, related to our business, not due to payment delays, your item is not dispatched (sent) within ten (10) days we will honour our "Stock Honour System". This does not include delivery times by the courier or postal service to the customer, this is outside our control.

C12. We reserve the right to not show dispatch or delivery information if none has been requested and paid for by the customer. This includes but is not limited to requests by eBay or Paypal. The onus of proof of dispatch is on the customer if no such request was made and paid for at time of sale.

C13 We do not have any say over Credit Card companies, eBay or Paypal rules and terms and conditions. Please see their respective rules for any special conditions. Where these require delivery confirmation and none is asked for or taken we will pass this "Terms and Conditions" page over to the Credit Card provider, eBay or Paypal for their viewing. As such any claims may be voided by either company.

C14 The onus is on the customer to request delivery confirmation prior to paying for item even if not offered in listing. ("Request total from Buyer") We will send any item with "Extra Cover" or delivery confirmation if requested. The only exception to this is if either are not available from Australia Post or if such a service is not available with another requested service, such as, but not limited to, "Express Post".

C15 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS FREE POSTAGE are ONLY FREE POSTAGE IN AUSTRALIA. Unless "FREE INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE" is written at top of listing. We charge a minimum flat rate of AU$5.00 for handling charges to post internationaly due to the physical need to deliver parcels/items to an actual Post Office and to perform the extra requirements that are required to be performed, such as but not limited to, Customs paperwork.

C16 International items will only be dispatched  as "merchandise", with correct product information and actual sale price. As such any customs, local taxes or other payments required either in Australia or at the purchasers Country of destination MUST be born by the purchaser.

C17 Please note that Australia Post will NOT deliver parcels to re-directed addresses, Express Post or items requiring signatures are unable to be delivered above ground level.

C18 Courier services are unable to deliver to PO Boxes.

C19 If using Couriers Please Receiver Pays, your MUST have Couriers Please Vouchers or a valid account. Failure to do so will forfeit any payment and stock until all costs are paid for.

Stock Honour System

D1. If in the event an item, that has been paid for with cleared funds, is unavailable for dispatch ten (10) days after funds have cleared we will offer you ONE (1) only of the following.

     a. The item once available. Plus after transaction has been finalised with positive feedback a Bonus of a further ten percent (10%) of the items sale value or actual value, which ever is the lower, delivered as a store credit.

     b. A FULL refund via the same means as payment was made. Plus after transaction has been finalised with positive feedback a Bonus of a further ten percent (10%) of the items sale value or actual value, which ever is the lower, delivered as a store credit.

D2. We will ONLY refund, when required as per above clause, via original payment type. No exceptions. We WILL NOT cover any incidentals incurred.

D3. We will not cover incidentals including but not limited to the costs of "cashing" returned monies or fees that may be incurred.

D4. Store credit will be via an original certificate and may only be used once. You may however use multiple store credit certificates that are in your name only. Store certificates are non-transferable.

D5. You MUST state that you have a Store Certificate on checkout prior to paying for your item so we may sort your payment out. This may require full payment to be made first and a refund given directly back. This may occur with such transactions as Paypal payments.

D6. Our "Stock Honour" will be void if Negative or neutral feed back is unduly received. We reserve the right to judge "unduly received" as we see fit.

D7. We reserve the right to not issue a "Bonus" and may remove them from our listings at any time. All "Live" Store certificates will be honoured. 

D8. Any item sold as having postage and handling included, either "Free" or not, will have a percentage of its purchase price removed for the benefit of working out the "Bonus". This is not negotiable.

D9. All Bonus payments and certificates will be sent AFTER transaction is finalised and NOT before. Please see part D6.

D10. No second-hand or used item will be covered by this section, even if stated on original listing. Any such listing is/will be classified as an error.

D11. Any deliberate manipulation, in any way or form, of this feature will null and void any and all transactions.

D12. Only ONE (1) item in any ten (10) day period may be given a "bonus" to the one (1) household/address/person. This item will be the first item in the first transaction made of any series of transactions within that ten (10) day period. This is to prevent double ordering when the purchaser knows an item will be unavailable.

D13. A Maximum of $100.00 AU will be available in "Bonuses" per ten (10) days to a total Maximum per household/address/person per year of $1000.00.

D14. Any Taxation concerns with the use of these "bonuses" are the sole responsibility of the recipient. All our files will be made available to the ATO if required.

Customer Satisfaction

E1. All effort will be given to dispatch your item on time. (See "Stock Honour System")

E2. All concerns will be looked into, promptly.

E3. We are here to help, so please use us if you require. Even if you are yet to buy from us.

E4. We use the Feedback system to gauge if you have received your item. If however you have a concern please do NOT leave feedback until we have come to some form of a conclusion for you, instead contact us ASAP, our emails are checked every day.

E5. For eBay sales, we leave POSITIVE Feedback as soon as payment has cleared. Please do not ruin this by leaving undue negative Feedback without allowing us the courtesy to solve any issues you may have.

E6. We play fair on Online by outlaying all of our terms and conditions here, upfront, Play safe online.

E7. Our original to "Stock Honour System" helps prevent undue delays to you of your items by showing our hand if we do not perform. (No one likes to give money away!)

E8. If your not happy, we are not happy.  Contact us 24/7 at and remember to mark us as a safe contact in your email program. ALL EMAILS ARE RESPONDED TO WITHIN 48 HOURS, usualy within 12 hours.

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